Mulch Types

Mulch Types

We have a great variety of mulches available including leafblend mulch, garden blend mulch, black and red mulch and recycled pallet mulch, we also offer composted soil – a great range to suit a wide variety of purposes.

Our summary below provides a quick guide to types and uses. If you’d like to know more simply pick up the phone – we’re happy to answer any queries.


  • Compost is a fine grade organic blend sourced from tree and plant waste.
  • Our compost has been pasteurised to ensure that it is weed and pathogen free, then screened to a fine blend rich in nutrients.
  • Compost is used to build garden soils lacking in organic matter and give your plants a good source of nutrients .
  • Made up of soil & composted green waste
  • Best used for rejuvenating soils
  • Very fine in texture

$50 per Cubic Metre

Leaf Blend Mulch

  • Forest blend mulch is a coarse grade mulch with wood chip and leaf matter combined. This mulch is ideal for moisture retention and weed suppression
  • As mulch gradually breaks down it adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil.
  • The leaves break down quickly, followed over time by the woodchip
  • 5cm (2 inch) chips & leaf mulch

$35 per Cubic Metre

Garden Blend Mulch


  • Made up of compost and woodchip
  • Best used for plants in general, and for moisture retention
  • Very fine chip and soil
  • Provides a decorative finish

$40 per Cubic Metre

Recycled Pallet Mulch

  • Made up of ground up pallets
  • Best used for large scale gardens, keeping weeds down and retaining moisture for soil and plants
  • Fine texture and easy to spread
  • Long lasting
  • Note: Due to using recycled materials there may be a small amount of plastic in this product

40mm $25 per Cubic Metre

25mm $35 per Cubic Metre

Fines mulch

  • Simple uncomplicated product
  • Improves the structure and aeration of heavy soils
  • Maintains more uniform soil temperatures
  • Recommended for rhododendroms and other acid-loving evergreens

$40 per Cubic Metre

Pine Mulch


  • Finely mulched premium product
  • Easy to spread
  • Very attractive in large and small areas

$60 per Cubic Metre 

Black mulch

  • Coloured mulch.

$60 per cubic metre

Black Mulch

Red mulch


  • Coloured mulch.

$60 per cubic metre (Temporarily out of stock)

Red Mulch


 $40 per Cubic Metre

Vegie Mix

  • Combination of compost and soil
  • Ideal for veggie gardens or tree planting
  • Compost adding to the nutrient composition of soil

$55 per cubic metre